Johannes S. Kjarval (b. Efri-Ey 1885, d. Reykjavik 1972)

Landscape, Thingvellir, Iceland. Signed J. S. Kjarval 1937. Oil on canvas. 102×147 cm.

Literature: “Kjarval”, Nesútgáfan Publishing, Reykjavik 2005, similar works ill. p.p. 286–310. Provenance: Private collection, Iceland.

“In the 1930s Kjarval gradually gives the foreground increasing importance, he narrows his perspective and ultimately the lava field separates out from the mountain to become a subject in its own right. This opens up new dimensions in his landscapes and he paints numerous studies focused on lava and moss. These works reveal the richness of form, texture and hue inherent in the lava; the delicate plant-life thriving there and the subtle hues of earth colours that he discovered in this unique biosphere are almost unparalleled. He also brings out the contrasts of rough lava and soft moss, and shows how the moss, in its countless hues, softens the face of the lava” (“Kjarval”, Nesútgáfan Publishing, Reykjavik 2005, p.p. 282–283).

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