Arthur Salm (b. Köln 1904, d. Chicago 1988)

“The Goteborg”, “The Asgaard”, “The Scandinavia”, “The Svanholm”, “The Sundsvall”, “The Kalmar” and “The Gallivare/Björndal”. A collection of stainless steel serving parts, comprising 15 parts. Manufactured by Arthur Salm. Partly signed monogram. L. 4–37 cm. (15)


The Goteborg: Sugar bowl and creamer. Designed1959, produced in Sweden. Diam. 11,5 cm.

The Asgaard: Three pairs of salt and pepper shakers. Designed 1963, produced in Sweden. H. 4 cm.

The Scandinavian: Salt and pepper shakers. Designed1960, produced in Sweden. H. 10 cm.

The Svanholm: Tray. Designed 1961, produced in Sweden. L. 39 cm.

The Svanholm: Snack tray with walnut. Designed 1961, produced in Sweden. L. 39 cm.

The Sundsvall: Dish with teak handles. Designed 1961, produced in Sweden. L. 30 cm.

The Kalmar: Fruit bowl with walnut sides. Designed 1961. Diam. 25 cm.

The Gallivare/Björndal: Round serving dish. Designed 1963. Diam. 37 cm.


Ordinary wear of use.


Modern art and design, 10 August 2021


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