Martin van Meytens II, ascribed to (b. Stockholm 1695, d. Vienna 1770)

Portrait of Charles VI (1685–1740), Holy Roman Emperor and father of Empress Maria Theresia. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 95×75 cm.

Exhibited: Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm, “Namnlösa porträtt”, 1938 no. 548.

Provenance: Director G. Söderlund (1938).

In the above-mentioned exhibition the portrait was ascribed to Martin van Meytens II by the Swedish professor A. Hahr, who also identified the portrayed gentleman as Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, compare with the newspaper article in Svenska Dagbladet, “Namnlösa porträtt få namn”, 17th of January 1938, where the painting is reproduced and mentioned.


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