A Russian 14k gold hunter case pocket watch, the front case adorned with the Russian Warrant in blue and black enamel, two-coloured dial with black Roman numerals, inner red 13–24 Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds, dust cover of gold signed Pavel Bure, no. 67262. Russian movement. C. 1902. Weight 91 g. Case diam. 47 mm. Wooden watch holder included. (2).

Front case interior engraved “Fra Enkekejserinden af Rusland 1905” (From the Empress Dowager of Russia 1905), meaning Tsaritsa Maria Feodorovna.


The watch works, but we do not guarantee for the functionality. Front case with lightly worn/missing enamel. Case band with minor dents. We do not guarantee that the bow and crown are made of gold.


Russian theme, 7 December 2020


15,000 kr.


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12,500 kr.  

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