Knud Odde (b. Frøslev, Stevns 1955)

Lydia Lunch (b. New York 1959, American poet)

Knud Odde - Lydia Lunch: The Right Side of My Brain. Illust. with 20 etchings by Odde. Text by Lunch. Cph: Printed and published at Niels Borch Jensen - Værksted for Kobbertryk, 1987. 26×34,5 cm. Text leaves are printed at Chr. Jørgensen. Limited to 25 copies only, this X. Each etching signed by Odde and colophone signed by both Odde and Lunch. Bound in full morocco with gilt title on frontboard (Aksel Pedersen).

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Seller informs: In fine condition.

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