A fine French silver mounted hunting hanger c 1750 by Le Peton in Rouen in its scabbard. The grip in white bone is wrapped with twisted and smooth silver wire, the single edged T-backed blade is c 59 cm long etched on one side with a bust and trophies and on the other with the sun and moon as well as an inscription. One side of the ricasso is marked LE PETON MARCHAND FOURBISSCUT A LA FETE NOVE RUE DES CARMES AU COIN DE CELLE DE L'AUMONE ROUEN and the other side with DE LA MANUFACTURE DE LA MARQUE A L' EXTRA FIN DE SOLINGEN. The black leather scabbard has two silver mounts.


The blade spotted with some remains of colour.

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Paintings, furniture and varia, 3 February 2020


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