Lorenz Frølich (b. Copenhagen 1820, d. Hellerup 1908)

“Moses, der slår vand af klippen”. Moses striking the rock. Signed and dated L. Fr. 1851 Roma. Oil on canvas. 124×161 cm.

Literature: Lotte Thrane, “Tusmørkemesteren”, 2008, mentioned and reproduced in vol. II, p. 166. Lotte Thrane notes: 'The size of the painting, its execution and the themes explored, indicates that this is one of Frølich's most prestigious works. Here, we see him in the role of history painter. However, this does not make it uninteresting: his abilities for composition are evident, and the stylisation and bold colours are clearly connected to his other works 'De kristelige dyder' (The Christian virtues) and 'Kampen om Guldkalven' (The Worship of the Golden Calf), which are from the same period".


The canvas is relined. Retouches and repairs. Crackles. A few minor peelings. In need of a surface cleaning.


20,000–30,000 kr.


Price realised

36,000 kr.  

12 bids

When Bidder Bid
857473 36,000 kr.
846261 34,000 kr.
857473 32,000 kr.
168398 (Auto bid) 30,000 kr.
857473 30,000 kr.
168398 (Auto bid) 26,000 kr.
857473 25,000 kr.
168398 (Auto bid) 21,000 kr.
857473 20,000 kr.
168398 (Auto bid) 16,500 kr.
857473 16,000 kr.
168398 14,000 kr.