Hermann Ernst Freund (b. Uthlede near Bremen 1786, d. Copenhagen 1840)

Loki (Loke). A patinated bronze sculpture. Stamp from L. Rasmussen, Copenhagen. H. 32.5 cm.

H.E. Freund became interested in Norse mythology after Oehlenschläger's publication of “Nordens Guder” (The Norse Gods). At Jonas Collins' suggestion, Freund participated in a competition that dealt with topics from Norse mythology. In 1822 he had modelled 12 sketches, including the expressive “Loki”, who is depicted in his anger over not being invited to Ægir's great feast for the gods. Freund portrayed Loki with a mischievous smile, sneaking forward as the leader of the Jotun Giants. H.E. Freund has here freed himself of his famous mentor in Rome, Bertel Thorvaldsen, whom Freund stood in the shadow of during the seven years he spent in Rome.


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