Asger Jorn: Untitled. Signed Asger J. 40. Oil on cardboard laid down on board. 49×62 cm.


Untitled. Signed Asger J. 40. Oil on cardboard laid down on board. 49×62 cm.

Literature: Guy Atkins: “Jorn in Scandinavia 1930–1953”, London, 1968, no. 131. Provenance: The Danish artist Robert Jacobsen, Copenhagen. Provenance: Dr. Erik Andreasen, Copenhagen. Provenance: G. David Thompson, Pittsburgh, USA. Provenance: Galerie Hybler, Copenhagen. Provenance: Albert Lorentsen, Copenhagen. Proveneance: Private collection, Denmark.

“When we want to understand Asger Jørgensen, we must venture into the great cosmic night, where small creatures, a myriad of small creatures, fight an unending struggle to become a participant in the great drama, which will always be inevitable for those who are seers, for those who want to become free of the forces of death that try to prevent us from liberating ourselves in the material and spiritual world, which is one world, closely bound. There are oddballs that will only perceive one of the worlds, they died with the past because they did not understand it (...) He removes us from [Paul] Klee to move us closer to Edgar Poe. We must venture into the great cosmic night, not to sleep a heavy, dreamless sleep, but to experience the small creatures of instinct and desire, which they are in the transition between dream and reality. They move in the rhythm that corresponds to the dream state, in the rhythm that leads from the dream to a richer reality ”.

Egill Jacobsen: “Asger Jørgensen” in “Helhesten - Tidsskrift for kunst”, 1st volume, issue 4, Copenhagen 1941, pp. 104–105.

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Paintings and sculptures, 4 December 2019


Modern paintings


Asger Jorn (b. Vejrum 1914, d. Århus 1973)


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