A Japanese bone Wakizashi with the grip and scabbard entirely covered with carved figures and a c 47 cm long blade as well as a Kukri with a wooden handle and a c 23 cm long blade in a wooden scabbard decorated with brass in the shape of fish, sun and half-moons.


The Wakizashi scabbard danaged - parts come with the lot. The blades spotted and somewhat rust marked.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority.


3,500 kr.


Price realised

2,300 kr.  

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897404 2,300 kr.
910163 (Auto bid) 2,200 kr.
897404 2,200 kr.
910163 (Auto bid) 2,100 kr.
897404 2,000 kr.
910163 (Auto bid) 1,950 kr.
897404 1,900 kr.
910163 (Auto bid) 1,850 kr.
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910163 1,750 kr.