Erik Herløw (b. 1913, d. 1991)

Sterling silver coffee pot, curved handle with wicker. Ivory finial. Made and marked by A. Michelsen with date letter N9=1963. Furthermore marked 1,4 L. Weight 730 g. H. incl. handle 21.3 cm.

Literature: Malene Dybbøl & Sabrina Vinther: “Hofjuveler A. Michelsen - Fra Stilkopi til Arkitektsølv”, ill. p. 142.

CITES-certificate valid for transport and re-sale within the European Union included.


Light patina due to age and use.

Items that are made of ivory or contain parts of it, require a CITES export permit in order to be exported from Denmark to a country outside The European Union. Buyers residing outside the European Union are required to obtain this permit.


4,000 kr.


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3,400 kr.  

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