Fedor Anatolievich Lorie: A Russian silver-gilt and lapis lazuli icon depicting the Archangel Mikhail. Icon 23×13 cm. Original box enclosed.(2)


A Russian portal-shaped icon, depicting the Archangel Mikhail in a columned silver-gilt frame surrounded by lapis lazuli, encircled by a crenelated frame with ribbons, silver back with eyelet and silver-gilt plaque engraved in Russian “All the Angels would preserve you on all your ways”. Icon: Oil, most likely on panel. Frame: Igor Kusmich Tcheriatov for Fedor Anatolievich Lorie, Moscow 1908–1917, 84 standard. In original mahogany box with two doors and back support, lined with blue silk and velvet, Cyrillic marked F. A. Lorie, Kuznetski Bridge, Moscow. Icon 23×13 cm. Box 29.5×19.5 / 39 cm. (2).


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Russian art, 29 November 2019




Fedor Anatolievich Lorie (, Moscow 1908-1917)


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