A large Nepalese Kukri with a wooden handle and a c 41 cm long typical blade in a wooden scabbard wrapped in faded velvet with two large silver mounts, a Moroccan Koummya dagger with a bone handle mounted in chased white metal and a c 24 cm long double edged curved blade in a bone scabbard mounted en-suite with the handle as well as a knife from Sardinia with a fluted grip made up un horn pieces and a leaf-shaped c 24 cm long double edged blade carved with simple foliate on both sides of the ricasso.


The blades spotted.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority. If the buyer of this auction lot lives outside of Denmark, the pick up of the lot can only be conducted by an authorized forwarding agent with a weapons license.


4,000 kr

Price realised

Not sold