A small collection of Russian silver, comprising a pair of nielloed napkin rings, indistinct maker's mark, Kiev 1908–1917, 84 standard; a cigarette case, two match box holders and a letter knife with filigree-work. Together with af Finish Samorodok silver cigarette case, gilt interior, maker Kultakeskus Oy, Hämeenlinna/Tavasteshus 1933. Weight excl. smallest match box holder 325 g. L. 4.5–12 cm. (7).

Provenance: Acquired by the father-in-law of the seller while working for the Great Northern Telegraph Company and lived in St. Petersburg before and after the Russian Revolution in 1917.


Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks. All pieces engraved with initials. Russian cigaret case dented.


Russian theme, 5 December 2019


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