Arthur Edeson: An original b/w press or still photograph of the American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899–1957) in his role as Rick Blaine in “Casablanca” from 1942. Back with publication dates (January 25, 1943, January 29, 1943, January 15, 1957). Furthermore pencil note (“Obituary”) and cross. Photo size 25.5×20 cm. Frame size 43×33 cm.

Humphrey Bogart died in Los Angeles on 14 January, 1957 - just 58 years old - and the publication date “15 Jan 1957” and the note “Obituary” together with the cross must be presumed to be related to this. The cause of death was cancer of the esophagus, a result of agelong chain-smoking.

Seller informs

This is an original b/w press or still photograph from 1943, which shows distinct signs of handling. Furthermore a small damage is seen in the left side of the photograph. Thin surface cracklings due to ageing/storage conditions. Back discoloured. Corner holes from drawing pins.

Please note that Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers has not physically examined this item, the estimate is solely based on the seller’s photographic material. Therefore, we cannot provide a description of the condition, and it is not possible to request a report on the item’s condition.


Art, antiques & collector's items, 21 January 2021


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