Wu Tien-chang (b. Changhua, Taiwan 1956)

“Two treat each other” (Together forever), 2001. C-print mounted on board and in frame decorated with sequins by the artist. Visible size 127×182 cm.

Provenance: Beijing Council International Auction Co. Ltd.

The Taiwanese artist Wu Tien-chang’s artworks are famous for their socio-political commentary to the tumultuous history of the artist's homeland Taiwan. He creates digitally manipulated photographs with an ironic and mysterious tone in a vibrant baroque aesthetic that reminisce Taiwan’s post war period when the country began a process of westernization. This aesthetic is further enhanced in the framing of his photographs decorated with Taiwanese style sequins and velvet cloths as is the case in this photograph “Two Treat Each Other”. Tien-chang represented Taiwan at the 2015 Venice Biennale and is widely represented in notable museum collections in Asia including The National Art Museum of China, Bejing; Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei and Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong.


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Paintings, sculptures and prints, 10 March 2021


40,000–50,000 kr.


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46,000 kr.