1732/​1120 Two Royal brooched from Princess Louise of Denmark's wedding with Prince Friedrich of Schaumburg-Lippe 1896. Provenance; Princess Thyra af Danmark. (3).


Royal 18k gold brooch with the enamelled Schaumburg-Lippe flag as well as the enamelled Danish flag, each set with respectively “F” and “L” in diamonds for Prince Friedrich of Schaumburg-Lippe and Princess Louise of Denmark, in the middle a crown. Indistinct marks. H. 2 cm. L. 2.8 cm. Present to the participants of the Royal wedding at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen 1896.

Royal 18k gold brooch formed as a bird sitting on a mistletoe with pearls. Marked RD No 185393. H. 1.5 cm. L. 3 cm. Present to the bridesmaids of the Royal wedding at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen 1896. Case enclosed. (3).

Princess Louise of Denmark (1875–1906) was daughter of Frederik VIII and Queen Lovisa of Denmark and sister of Princess Thyra, who was a bridesmaid at the Royal wedding. After the wedding with Prince Friedrich of Schaumburg-Lippe (1868–1945), the Royal couple lived at the Prince's castle Náchod in Bohemia. They got three children, among others Prince Christian, who married his cousin, Princess Feodora of Denmark, daughter of Prince Harald of Denmark, brother to King Christian X of Denmark, Princess Louise and Princess Thyra.

Provenance: Princess Thyra of Denmark, her estate auction at Winkel & Magnussen 827, 1946 nr. 790.


Wear due to age and use.


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