Antoine Grellet, attributed. A Louis XV Aubusson verdure tapestry, after Jean-Baptiste Oudry. Scenery depicting a spaniel seizing a bittern in a river landscape with a country house in the background surrounded by a narrow floral border. Executed in wool and silk. Mounted with linen backing and rings for hanging. France, 18th century. L. 360 cm. H. 194 cm.

Provenance: Avening Court, Gloucestershire.

Literature: Hal N. Opperman, 1977. Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Voll. 2. Figs. 119–120. “Spaniel seizing a bittern” , also J. B. Oudry, exhibition catalogue, Paris, October 1982, no. 39, “Chien barbet attaquant un butor”. This composition is derived from an earlier series of tapestries known as “Verdures Fines” after J.B. Oudry, first woven at Beauvais in 1735, including no. 5 “Le Butor”. It became a popular subject at Aubusson and many weavings are recorded of which the present tapestry is an outstanding example. A similar piece with weaver´s mark A.G.(Antione Grellet) was sold at Sotheby´s, 9 July, 1976, lot. 4. Another, probably by A. Grellet, is illustrated Chevalier, “Tapisseries d´Aubusson et de Felletin”, Paris, 1988, p. 156.


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