A small signed Japanese Wakizashi for a child with a plain grip in wood, a Mokko Gata Tsuba in iron sparesly inlaid with gold and a c 29,3 slender signed blade with a single hole to the tang in a black lacquered wooden scabbard as well as silver mounted Tanto with a grooved grip and a c 22 cm long blade with a single hole to the tang in a wooden scabbard decorated with a centipede - in the scabbard a Kozuka with a wooden blade.



The Wakizashi with a spotted, nicked blade and missing Kozuka. The Tanto with a polished blade with Kokai and Kurikata missing on the scannard.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority. If the buyer of this auction lot lives outside of Denmark, the pick up of the lot can only be conducted by an authorized forwarding agent with a weapons license.


4,000–5,000 DKK


Price realised

9,000 DKK  

14 bids

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9,000 DKK
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