Arthur Salm (b. Köln 1904, d. Chicago 1988)

“The Quadrant”, “The Americana”, “The Senator”, “The Scoop”, “The Neptun”, “Germetco, special edition” and “The Ross”. A selection of stainless steel and wooden items, comprising 25 parts. Partly signed monogram. L. 9–25 cm. (25)


The Quadrant: Teak serving dish with four steel dishes and four forks with rosewood handles. L. 9–18.5 cm.

The Americana: A walnut clothes brush with decoration. Designed 1970–80s. L. 21 cm.

The Senator: Set with letter opener and scissors. Designed in the late 1960s. L. 20.5 cm.

The Scoop: Ice cream scoop with rosewood handle. L. 25 cm.

The Scoop: Ice cream scoop with rosewood handle. L. 24.5 cm.

The Neptun: Six knives with leather handles. Designed 1960s. L. 20.5 cm.

Germetco, special edition: Coffee- and teapot. Designed 1960s. H. 14–18 cm.

The Ross: Transistor radio, letter opener and pen. Designed in the late 1960s. L. 17–25.5 cm.


Ordinary wear of use. We do not guarantee for the functionality. Empty wooden box is included.


Modern art and design, 10 August 2021


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