A German parcel-gilt silver cup, cup and base chased with lobes, cast stem in the form of a putto holding a garland. The cup top rim hallmarked with Nuremberg townmark and unknown maker's mark; LK conjoined in square (M. Rosenberg volume III, p. 253). Top rim and base engraved with assay scrape. Nuremberg 17th century. Weight 435 g. H. 29.5–30 cm. Later cover with flower bouquet finial included. Unmarked. Weight 156 g. H. 11 cm.


Restored. Galvanised gilding. Slightly askew. Soldering. Later replacements. Putto feet and putto “button” stand with cracks/repairs. Lobes with dents and cracks/perforations. Some leaf ornaments missing. The stem/base joint with repair. Base with larger repair and minor perforations. Hallmarked indistinctly on the base rim and cuppa rim. Cover: Does not fit - too big, flower finial lightly tamped and a few ornaments missing.

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15,000–20,000 kr.

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