Emmy Thornam (b. Horsens 1852, d. Copenhagen 1935)

Still life with a basket of daisies, beech braches and red berries on a table. Signed E. Thornam. Oil on canvas. 61×77 cm.

Emmy Thornam initially took drawing lessons at Teknisk Skole (The School of Technique) in Horsens and later on Tegneskolen for Kvinder (The Drawing School for Women) under Vilhelm Kyhn from 1873 to 1875. After having begun her career as a painter of landscapes, she changed her focus to the painting of flowers, a genre, she was able to make a living from. She was educated under O.A. Hermansen and was a student of the painter Pierre Bourgogne in Paris in 1894. Thornam's style changed over time from a traditional more decorative style to a more loose manner with a greater coherence of motif. Emmy Thornam exhibited industriously all her life and was able to suppert her herself through her work as a painter and writer.

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Retouches and one repair / patch on the reverse. Scratches and areas with light overcleaning of varnish. In need of cleaning.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 25 January 2021


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