A World War II freedom fighter's armlet from Aarhus made of goatskin, with the Danish coat of arms in zinc. 7.7×41 cm. Frame size 24×57 cm.

The special Aarhus bracelet was made because it was believed that the Germans and members of the Schalburg corps in Aarhus had intercepted a consignment of the so-called blue, red, white-army bracelet. It was feared that Nazi agents and provocateurs would use them to infiltrate the Aarhus resistance.

That's why they made a new armband for use in Aarhus. 2240 pcs were distributed. of them to the Aarhus Resistance people on May 4, 1945. The armband was made on the orders of local, military leadership of the resistance movement in collaboration with a number of people around the municipality. Especially N. V. Steenstrup from Aarhus Lighting Service (Aarhus Gas and Electric Works) was very much in favor and was procuring the raw materials and the design itself. The shield, which shows the so-called “small Arms weapon” is made of zinc plates from Aarhus Lighting Service and punched out at the gas plant's plumber workshop. The armband itself is made of goatskin imported from the Middle East, which should have been used as gaskets in gas meters. The armbands are painted in red, white colors. This work was also done by the workers at Aarhus Lighting Service. Eventually the wives of the same workers sewed the shields on the armbands.

Source: “The Ole Town” in Aarhus

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