Johan Thomas Lundbye (b. Kalundborg 1818, d. Bedsted 1848)

Vedby and Reerslev seen from Buskysminde. Signed with monogram and dated 21 May 1841, inscribed “Vedby seet fra Buskys Minde” (Vedby seen from Buskysminde), and “Reerslev seet fra Busky Minde” (Reerslev seen from Buskysminde). Drawing ink on paper. On the back a pencil drawing of “Little Regine from Vallekilde”, inscribed 26 June. Sheet size 9.2×15.4. Unframed.

In May 1841, Lundbye visited once more the manor house Vedbygaard by Ruds Vedby, determined this time to propose to Louise Neergaard. He never got the courage, however, but for several years he nurtured a secret infatuation with her. The drawing is from this visit. Buskysminde (memory of Busky) is a small manor that belonged to Vedbygaard. Louise's father Peter Sigvard Neergaard, set up the farm in 1832 and named it after his wife Caroline Busky.

“Little Regine from Vallekilde” is known from an etching from 1839, where the little girl stands bent over her knitting, with the big bonnet that hides her face, which has been disfigured by a kick by a horse. (The etching is reproduced and mentioned in “Tegninger & Huletanker”, Hirschsprung 1998, pp. 21–22).

Exhibited: Bispegården (the bishop's manor), Kalundborg, “Johan Thomas Lundbye. Værker fra private samlinger”, 2018, no. 99. Reproduced in catalogue.

Provenance: Private Danish collection of drawings by Johan Thomas Lundbye.


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