Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (b. Warsaw 1819, d. Copenhagen 1881)

Three children of the Treschow family. Summer landscape with Frederik, Harry and Katie. Signed and dated Elisabeth Jerichau nèe Baumann 1876. Oil on canvas. 150×170 cm.

Exhibited: Øregaard Museum, Hellerup and Fyns Kunstmuseum, “Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann”, 1997–1998. ARoS kunstmuseum, Aarhus “Mellem Verdener”, 2021, no. 52 reproduced p. 82.

Literature: Jerzy Miskowiak, “Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. Nationalromantikkens enfant terrible.”, Frydenlund 2018 mentioned p. 80 and reproduced p. 81.

Jerzy Miskowiak, “Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann”, (English/Polish text), Bosz, Poland 2020 reproduced p. 136 fig. 143.

Provenance: A Danish manor house. Bruun Rasmussen auction 850, 2014 no. 73, reproduced p. 79.

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann has painted the three children of Chamberlain and Master of the Royal Hunt Christian Rosenkilde Treschow, Frydendal.

The three charming children are seen standing on a country road on a lovely summer day. In the background, to the left of the group, is the edge of a forest, and on the right a pond; in the distance a large body of water. The big brother and little sister look at the viewer with a curious glance. The middle child looks back over his right shoulder. It is pure idyll. One might wonder, if they are on Frydendal/ Torbenfeld's estate, close to the manor house itself, which is beautifully located on an islet in the lake.

The eldest, Frederik (1870–1948), who is depicted here in a black velour suit and bright red socks, took over the estate and changed the name from Frydendal to Torbenfeld. Harry, who is seen in a purple velour suit and short white socks, became a diplomat, and for a period a Danish envoy in Egypt. The little sister Katie (1874–1878), dressed in a white lace dress with red ribbons, died when she was only 4 years old.


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