2013/​40 Lucas Jansz Waghenaer: “Schagen”. Engraved and handcolored chart over the seas around Skagen. 41.5×55.5 cm. Unframed.


“Schagen”. Engraved and handcolored chart over the seas around Skagen, oriented against south, 1595. 41.5×55.5 cm. Unframed.

Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer, circa 1533–1606, was a Dutch marine cartographer and navigator. He grew up in the important port of Enkuizen. From 1550–1579 he served at sea, increasing his practical knowledge of sailing and charting. His first publication was the famous Spiegel der Zeevaerdt, or Mariner's Mirror, which appeared in 1584. The work was reprinted and translated into several European languages. The combination of detailed charts accompanied by sailing directions set a precedent and model for subsequent sea atlases, which came to be called waggoners. Waghenaer published two other works, Thresoor der Zeevaert, Treasure of navigation in 1592 and the Enchuyser zeecaertboeck, Enkhuizen sea-chart-book in 1598. He died in 1606.

Literature: Gamle Danmarkskort, Bo Bramsen. Politikkens Antikvariat København 1997, ill. p 73.


The paper has turned slightly brown. Printers crease.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 23 March 2020



Lucas Jansz Waghenaer (b. Enkhuizen 1534, d. s.p. 1606)


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