A collection of Renaissance and Baroque silver spoons, comprising a “Cherub” spoon, bowl engraved with stylized foliage and owner mark; Cherub spoon, handle engraved with monogram LN; spoon, handle engraved with architecture and flowers, reverse pricked Johan Warnkros 1721 and later owner name N. Eivers, indistinctly marked; spoon, bowl engraved NCS MJD 1704 in flower garland, maker Jørgen Dionisen, Næstved c. 1688–1720; rat-tail spoon with repaired/exchanged handle, handle indistinctly marked and spoon with fiddle-handle, maker Detleff Pape, Copenhagen 1785. 17th-18th century. L. 15.5–22 cm. (6)


Wear due to age and use. Bowls slightly dented and a few tips slightly skew-worn.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 24 February 2020


Silver ▸ Silver


6,000–8,000 kr.


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7,000 kr.  

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