A European pike mans armour c 1660 and a morion helmet.


A European pike mans armour and a morion helmet. The armour is made in thin plate. The breast plate with a sharp central rib is marked F. R. i by the throat, the skirt is made up in three parts and the thigh protection is in four pieces held by leather straps. Along the rim rope decoration. The helmet with identical back and front is made up og two pieces. On a black background fleur de lis hammered up which stand in the white like the comb. Along the rim rivets with brass which held the now missing inner lining.


The thigh protection newer and the iron is rust marked. The helmet is missing its inner lining and nine of its brass rivets. On one side a mark after a blow from a sword?


Paintings, furniture and varia, 2 December 2019




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