2009/​378 Two hunting hangers mounted in cast gilded brass.


Two hunting hangers mounted in cast gilded brass. The first German or French c 1750 with the grip in the shape of a partly silver plated hoof, silver plated cross guard ending in a birds and a dogs head, Downturned shell decorated with a rocaille and a c 30,7 cm long single edged blade. The other also in gilded brass c 1825 has the grip decorated with a lions head and foliate, a down turned shell decorated with a dog? and palms, an older c 46 cm. long double edged blade decorated on one side with dogs and stags, on the other with wild boars.


The blades spotted and rust marked, part of the gilding on the hilts gone.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 24 February 2020



4,000 kr.


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3,200 kr.

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