Nobel prize medal awarded to the Danish nuclear physicist Aage Niels Bohr in 1975


Nobel prize medal awarded to the Danish nuclear physicist Aage Niels Bohr in 1975. Modeled by Erik Lindberg. 66 mm, 200.0 g, 23 kt (0.992), Au - In original decorated morocco box of presentation with Bohr's name printed in gold. It goes almost without saying that original Nobel Prize medals are not only of the utmost historical and cultural importance but practically never reach the market. A Nobel Prize as the present would therefore constitute the “non plus ultra” piece in any collection of medals. Medal as well as box in pristine condition. Accompanying the medal is a number of highly interesting original documents relating to the Nobel award and other aspects of Bohr's scientific research, including, Letter and telegram from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences informing professor Bohr of the decision to award him the price; the full correspondance between Bohr and the Nobel committee / Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences regarding Bohr's article in “Les Prix Nobel"; Bohr's "Personal Programme" with notes in his own hand; Bohr's acceptance speech; Olof Palme's speech; invitation and printed table plan for the king's Nobel banquet and the dinner at the Town Hall; The Diploma electing Bohr a "Foreign Associate of The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America" (with "Rosette"); Letters with ”head-hunting attempts from both Harvard and Oxford; The original PhD diploma from the University of Copenhagen dated 1954 Also included are original photographs of professor Bohr, including press photos from the official ceremony showing Bohr accepting the box from his majesty king Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; the official color photo of all the laureates at the royal banquet with Bohr seated next to the king; Bohr dancing with his daugther at the banquet; Bohr at the banquet with his mother, Margrethe Bohr (the wife of Niels Bohr) and his wife, Marietta; Bohr at home with his family giving the first interview to the press after the news of the award had broken





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