KOSTER’S MOTOR BOOKSTORE: Historic bookstore with one of the world's largest collections of motor literature.


Historic bookstore with a stockpile of books numbering over 130,000 volumes (covering more than 60,000 titles) + approx. 11,000 digital PDF manuals dealing with motor literature – estimated in total at approximately DKK 7.5 million (based on an impartial report prepared by a consulting firm at the seller's request in 2013). The collection, which is Scandinavia's largest and one of the world's five largest collections of motor literature, contains all kinds of motor literature on cars, mopeds, scooters, tractors, lorries and stationary engines, including instruction manuals, workshop manuals, spare parts directories, books (both fiction and non-fiction), magazines and periodicals as well as books on electronics. The collection stretches from the late 1880s up until today. The majority of the publications come from all time periods during the 20th century and are mostly written in English, German and Swedish, while approximately one quarter of the publications are in Danish. The collection’s copies are primarily in their original covers. About 5,000 volumes are, however, scanning examples and have therefore had their spines removed.

The collection also includes a number of rare, original and early editions of instruction manuals and workshop manuals/catalogues with spare parts from brands such as: Albert, Alfa Romeo, Adler, Allard, Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Aston Martin, Auburn, Bayliss Thomas, Berliet, Bentley, BMW, Brennabor, Cadillac V16, Chandler, Chwrolet, Citroën SM, Daimler, De Soto, Delage, De tomasa, Duesenberg, Durant, Ferrari, Fiat 501, FSO, Glas, Gotha, Hansa, Haynes Car, Humber, Kaiser-Frazer, Lamborghini Diablo, Langonda, Lee Francis, Locomobile, Massey Fergusom, Matra, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Motokov, Nimbus, Norton, Packard, Pannonoa, Pierce-Arrow, Porsche, Riley, Rolls Royce, Singer, SS (Jaguar), Studebaker, Stutz, Talbot (the original), Tatraplan Dixie, Triumph, Vespa, Volvo 445, Westinghouse and Wolseley.

All the books are in the shop's current premises in Risskov near Aarhus, and they take up about 1,000 meters of shelf space.

The buyer also has the opportunity to take over the lease of the premises (425 m2) if you wish to continue the bookstore on the address.

Since Koster’s Motor Bookstore reprints books on-site and per order, there is a deal in place about the leasing of printers. This deal can also be continued if the bookstore is kept open as well.

Koster’s Motor Bookstore also has a deal in place concerning the rent of a website. If the buyer wants to continue the bookstore, this deal can also be continued. Alternatively, data can be extracted and handed over digitally to the buyer.

The following inventory is included: All shelves in the store, office and warehouse, 3 desks with adjustable height, strongbox, different carts and office chairs, electrical cutting machine, hole punchers and binding machines, both electrical and manual. Different computers, a monitor, black and white Brother laser printer, HP Officejet printer, Brother Colour laser printer, etc. as well as an older historical cash table, new and old cash register, different pictures and posters on the walls. Upon request, a full list can be provided.

If the buyer does not want to take over the lease of the store’s premises, it is a requirement that the bookstore is cleared of books as well as the inventory mentioned above within 3 weeks after the auction and at the expense of the buyer (an extension can be agreed upon with the seller). The buyer is not liable for the removal of other items and does not carry any obligation to the lease in general.

The current owner will be available for questions during the transfer.

This item is subject to full VAT

Name, phone number and email address are included as part of the deal.

Preview: For a tour around the premises or other questions, please contact Lærke Bøgh on tel.: +45 8818 1217 or via email: lb@bruun-rasmussen.dk


Koster's Motor Bookstore, 7 September 2018


Books & manuscripts


1,000,000–1,500,000 kr.

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