An antique signed Kashan Mothasham pictorial rug, Persia. A historical scenery depicting Nader Shah sitting at the throne seat surrounded by wise men, guards and servants. Cartouche(top of main field): Nader Shah. Writing at upper right corner: Made on order of Mirza Mohsin Khan(important Persian minister and statesman), surrounded by main border of riding huntsmen. Knotted with kurk wool. C. 1900. 239×148 cm.

Nader Shah Afshar(b. 1688. d.1747), ruled as Shah of Persia (1736–47) and was one of the most powerful rulers in Iranian history. Because of his military genius as evidenced in numerous martial encounters throughout the Naderian Wars, such as the battles of Herat, Mihmandust, Murche-Khort, Kirkuk, Yeghevard, Kheibar pass, Karnal and Kars, some historians have described him as the Napoleon of Persia or the Second Alexander.

Mirza Mohsin Khan, titled Moshir al-Dowleh(b. 1840, d. 1907): Persian Minister of justice(1891–1896), minister for Foreign Affairs(1898–1906) and finally he became the first Prime Minister of Iran following the introduction of the Persian Constitution of 1906.


Antiquities, furniture, decorative art, carpets and books, 22 September 2021


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