Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Here you can find everything you need to know about buying and selling at our auctions.

Before the Auction

Valuation of items

You always have the opportunity to get a free and non-binding valuation of items – either online, through a visit to one of our locations or perhaps in your private home. During the valuation, we will guide you as to which type of auction that best suits your item. Read more about your valuation options.

Consignment for auction

If you after the valuation decide to sell an item at auction, you can consign it at one of our locations. If you do not have the opportunity to come by with the item yourself, we can help you with the contact to one of the transportation companies we work with.

What does it cost to sell at auction?

When you sell an item at an auction, there is a registration fee and a commission fee.

At the traditional auctions, the registration fee amounts to DKK 500 per auction lot, however, this registration fee is only DKK 250 for coins and stamps.

At the online auctions, the registration fee is DKK 250, but only DKK 125 for wine and DKK 50 for coins and stamps.

If your auction lot is sold, we calculate a commission fee of 16% of the hammer price as well as VAT if applicable.

What happens to my item after consignment?

Once you have consigned an item for auction, it will be catalogued and photographed. All items are presented here at before the auction. Certain items are also marketed in news articles, newsletters, on social media and to the press. In the case of a traditional auction, the item will be included in a printed auction catalogue. All items will also be displayed at the so-called preview.

As soon as we have received your item, you can follow the process from consignment to auction here at via .

During the Auction

How can I follow my item at the auction?

If your item is presented at an online auction, you can follow it here at If it is presented at a traditional auction, you can come to the auction or follow it live here at while the auction is in progress.

After the Auction

Settlement of account after sale

We will transfer your remaining balance minus fees and buyer’s premium to the bank account you have registered on your login page at In connection with a sale at a traditional auction, the transfer is initiated approximately 30 days after the final day of the relevant auction period. In connection with an online auction, the transfer is initiated approximately 16 days after the final day of the relevant auction period.

What if my item is not sold?

You can either make an agreement with us to try to sell your item at a later auction or pick up the item at the location where it has been up for auction. We will contact you to find a solution that fits your needs.

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