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Luxury, Elegance and a Status Symbol

The story of the world's most well-known wristwatch brand begins in London in 1905, where the German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf was full of ideas for a new type of wristwatch and founded the company "Wilsdorf & Davis" with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis. A few years later in 1908, Wilsdorf registered the name that we know the company by today, Rolex, and in 1919 the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, Rolex has been a leading player when it comes to the production of luxurious wristwatches and has always been at the head of the market when it comes to quality, technology and precision.

There are many Rolex models, including Oyster (1926), Prince (1928), Perpetual (1931), Datejust (1945), Explorer (1953), Submariner (1953), GMT-Master (1954), Day-Date (1956), Milgauss (1956), Air King (1957), Daytona (1963), Midas (1964), Sea-Dweller (1967), Cellini (1975), Yacht-Master (1992) and Sky-Dweller (2012). All Rolex watches are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards, and each model is available in several versions, which mainly differ in terms of size, colour, material and function.

Many of Rolex's watches were originally launched to meet the demands of professional divers, pilots and race car drivers. The watches were therefore worn by PanAm pilots, COMEX divers and British special forces, as well as scientists, mountaineers and Arctic explorers who chose to wear a Rolex because the watches met the professionals’ criteria for functionality and design. At the same time, Rolex has been eminent in their marketing of the brand right from the beginning, and the watches have over time been placed around the wrist of world-famous celebrities – from Sean Connery and Paul Newman to Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama.