Hans J. Wegner

b. Tønder 1914, d. Gentofte 2007

The Master of the Chair

Hans J. Wegner is one of the biggest names in Danish design history. Many of his famous classics were created during the 1940s-50s but continues to receive worldwide acclaim today. 

With a background as a cabinetmaker and architect, Hans J. Wegner had both an in-depth understanding of the properties of wood and a unique sense of design. This enabled him to combine ideas and the execution of them into some of the most famous pieces of Danish furniture ever made.

The goal was to make the furniture simple and have the wood come alive – to ignite its spirit and vitality. The Chair, the Valet Chair, the Papa Bear Chair, the Y-chair and the Dolphin Chair are just a few of the pieces that have secured Hans J. Wegner a place in international design history.

The design and commercial breakthrough came in the years just after the Second World War. The biggest milestone was the publicity surrounding Danish design in the American magazine "Interiors" in 1950, where The Chair was described as the world's most beautiful chair. This not only marked the beginning of Wegner’s own world fame, but it also became an international breakthrough for Danish design in general.