Børge Mogensen

b. Aalborg 1914, d. Gentofte 1972

Furniture for the People

As head of FDB’s (an organisation of Danish supermarkets) design studio in 1942-50, Børge Mogensen helped make quality furniture available to Danish homes at reasonable prices. His lifelong mission was to create simple, practical furniture pieces that were adequately understated so that they did not dominate the owner’s personal way of life. He criticized those of his colleagues who chased after fashion trends, ignored the utility value or compromised on long-term durability.

Børge Mogensen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art's Furniture School in 1942 and through his work he consistently used limitation as a creative tool. He rarely deviated from using solid wood – a material he loved in all its guises.

After his time at FDB, Mogensen continued to create some of the 1950s and 60s most acclaimed classics at his own private studio. These furniture pieces include the Spanish Chair from 1958 and the legendary “Spoke-back sofa” from 1945, which over time has found its way into countless interiors and continues to be highly sought after on the auction market. His furniture is today considered the epitome of solid craftsmanship that only becomes more beautiful with time as the lived life settles as a patina on the wood and leather.