Poul Kjærholm

b. Østervrå 1929, d. Hillerød 1980

Controlled Luxury

During the 1950s, modern Danish furniture took the world by storm. Whereas most of the contemporary designers excelled in wood, Poul Kjærholm opted for steel and leather as his preferred materials. However, that did not make his furniture any less popular – on the contrary. He belongs among the most sought-after furniture designers in Denmark and also has a large international audience.

Poul Kjærholm's minimalist style was greatly inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian and the Bauhaus architects Gerrit Rietveld and Mies van der Rohe. He is considered a distinguished Danish representative of international functionalism, but his work was also deeply rooted in the Danish cabinetmaker tradition.

He is especially known for his circular dining table the “PK-54”, the dining table chair “PK-9”, the classic daybed “PK-80”, the square coffee table “PK-61” and the simple easy chair “PK-22”.