Peder Moos

b. Nybøl 1906, d. Bredebro, Tønder 1991

Uncompromising Uniqueness

One of the most original and uncompromising Danish furniture designers is the masterful cabinetmaker Peder Moos. He focused on the detail as a decorative element, and like no other he managed to highlight the organic and vibrant quality of wood as a material.

Seen through the perspective of his contemporary times, which saw machines entering the workshops in earnest, Moos can be considered a bit of an anachronism. He maintained the old manufacturing traditions – remained true to the carpenter’s bench and the hand drill and did not even use nails or screws. Moos often assembled his furniture with wooden dowels and made a virtue out of accentuating the beautiful joints rather than hiding them away.

The method was, of course, extremely time-consuming and costly, and therefore most of his production was unique pieces of made-to-order furniture. Since his furniture is relatively rare on the auction market, they are also extremely expensive when they finally do appear at auction.