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Sundkrogsgade 30

DK-2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen



+45 8818 1111


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A distinct atmosphere

At Havnen people seldom walk among the exhibited antiques in reverent silence, rather a relaxed and informal atmosphere reigns where previews act as a pleasant diversion – perhaps following a good brunch with friends and family.

Here you will find many people of every imaginable type from the experienced collectors and the dyed-in-the-wool antiques dealers cheerfully greeting each other across the room to families with small children or a young couple at the counter being advised on etiquette and customs when purchasing at auction.

Aiming for a young and relaxed style

Havnen was started in 1999 with the intention of being a young house with a relaxed style which sold quality furnishings at prices below those one would expect to find at Bruun Rasmussen in Bredgade.

The project succeeded beyond all expectations. Havnen has enjoyed a constantly rising popularity. Especially the broad choice of modern furniture, design and decorative art suits the new clientele’s expectations of a good auction house.

However, the real difference between Bruun Rasmussen’s two Copenhagen departments lies in the items that are offered at auction. Whereas Bredgade focuses on antiques, art and design for an international audience, Havnen concentrates on a broad range of items for the online auctions.