The wine department is responsible for the valuation and sale of exclusive wines in single bottles and by the crate, primarily from Western Europe, the US and Australia.


The most popular wines at auction are the classified French wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Champagne. But the best wines from Spain, Italy, Germany, US, Australia and a few other countries also find their way to us.

At the sweet end of the spectrum, vintage-labelled Port and Madeira are extremely popular. The same goes for spirits, either with the vintage on the label or a rare, old whisky.

We value wines in connection with a sale at auction, the cataloguing of an estate and in insurance cases. In certain cases, it can really be beneficial to have your wine collection valued, as over the years, it can become worth a small fortune.

If you wish to sell wine at auction, you are welcome to contact us. Please send us a list of the wines, and we will return the list with estimated prices as well as proposals and conditions for a sale at auction. We also undertake countrywide valuation visits by appointment.

Contact details

Thomas Rosendahl Andersen


+45 8818 1206 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen

Thomas Løbner-Olesen


+45 8818 1241 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen

Thomas Hegaard

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Anders Gudmundsson

Head of Department
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Kasper Nielsen

Valuation and Sales Director
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