The weapon department is responsible for the valuation and sale of antique weapons, antiquities, trophies, hunting weapons and related accessories.


The weapons department has, over the years, traditionally arranged the sale of fine antique weapons such as muzzleloaders, both military and civilian, oriental weapons from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, which are currently in high demand, as well as Danish antiquities and trophies. Over the past five years, we have gone to great pains to obtain exquisite hand built hunting weapons of high quality and their accessories, such as cartridge cases, etc.

  • The weapons department is based at Havnen. Sundkrogsgade 30 in Copenhagen, where the previews for all online auctions take place. Weapons can also be consigned to our department in Aarhus.

  • We hold online weapon auctions and traditional weapon auctions a couple of times a year. See the weapons featured at our auctions.

Contact details

Ralph Lexner

Head of Department
+45 8818 1161 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Jesper Godvin Hansen

+45 8818 1222 / Havnen, Copenhagen