The stamp department is responsible for the valuation and sale of stamps, letters and postcards.


The stamp department arranges the sale of stamps, letters and postcards at the online auction once a month and holds an annual traditional auction, where the focus is on specially selected collections, lots and good quality individual items. For the traditional auctions, we produce an illustrated catalogue.

All lots featured in our online auctions can be viewed online around 14 days prior to the auction. A preview is held at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen on the last two weekdays (Thursday and Friday) before the auction.

Items for the online auctions can be consigned on an ongoing basis – though no later than a couple of days before the auctions are made public online.

  • The stamp department is based at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen and Søren Frichs Vej 34D in Aarhus.

  • We hold online auctions of stamps every month and one traditional stamp auction a year. See the stamps featured at our auctions.

  • If you have a special interest in stamps and postal history, we recommend our stamp newsletter, which is sent out approx. 1 time a month.

Contact details


Christian Grundtvig

Head of department
+45 8818 1214 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen

Lars Godsk-Jørgensen

+45 8818 1211 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen

Torben Ringtved

+45 8818 1225 / Aarhus

Holger Lund

+45 2065 8997 / Aarhus

Jan Bendix

Cataloging and logistics
+45 8818 1227 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen