The photography department oversees the sale of photographic art, old and new, including rare documentary photography and contemporary photographic works of art by popular and acclaimed photographers.


An online photography auction is held once a quarter, and we also present a selection of contemporary photographs a couple of times a year at our auctions at Bredgade. The department works hard to promote the photography auctions, through newsletters, press contacts, personal customer contact, etc.

We are particularly interested in the photographic artwork of renowned photographic artists, early documentary photographs from, for example, the polar regions or Asia, photographic works by major photographers in good condition from the formative years of photography as well as significant book publications on photography.

The photography department is based at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen. Photographies can also be consigned to our department in Aarhus.

Contact details



Kasper Nielsen

Valuation and Sales Director
+45 8818 1121 / Havnen, Copenhagen