Modern Design

The department of modern design is responsible for the valuation and sale of furniture, craft art, silver and lighting.



Period-wise, the modern department extends from c. 1920 to the present day and covers Danish and international furniture classics, lighting, craft art and design by names such as Finn Juhl, Peder Moos, Poul Kjærholm, Kaare Klint, Hans Wegner, PH and Arne Jacobsen, as well as stoneware by Axel Salto and modern silver by Georg Jensen, Hans Hansen and Kaj Boyesen. Read more about the department.

Contact details

Peter Kjelgaard

Head of Department and Valuer
+45 8818 1191 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Peter Tholstrup

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1195 / Aarhus

Amalie Hansen

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1194 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Anna Berger Widenborg – Maternity Leave

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1187 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Andreas Krabbe

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1193 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Poul Svalgaard Henriksen

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1132 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Simon Hyldig

Valuer, modern design
+45 8818 1188 / Aarhus

Kasper Nielsen

Valuation and Sales Director
+45 8818 1121 / Havnen, Copenhagen