Modern art

The department of modern art is responsible for the valuation and sale of modern paintings, graphic art and sculptures.



Period-wise, the department of modern art extends from c. 1920 to the present day and covers works from early Danish modernism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, CoBrA, minimalism, pop art and contemporary art. Read more about the department

Contact the department of modern paintings and sculptures

Frederik Bruun Rasmussen

Valuer, modern art and design
+45 8818 1003 / Copenhagen


Niels Raben

Head of Department
+45 8818 1181 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Peter Beck

Head Valuer in Aarhus
+45 8818 1186 / Aarhus

Niels Boe-Hauggaard

Valuer, modern art
+45 8818 1182 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Annemette Müller Fokdal

Valuer, modern art
+45 8818 1196 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Kathrine Eriksen

Valuer, modern art
+45 8818 1184 / Havnen, København

Victor Svane Nielsen

Valuer, modern art
+45 8818 1125 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Kasper Nielsen

Valuation and Sales Director of the Modern Art Department
+45 8818 1121 / Havnen, Copenhagen