The jewellery department promotes the sales of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings and loose gemstones, fashion and handbags.


To satisfy a growing demand for designer jewellery, we hold Online Auctions every Wednesday starting at 8 pm and Traditional Auctions in Bredgade, Copenhagen, four times a year. The fashion auction is held regularly, but without a fixed schedule.

The jewellery department valuates and promotes the sale of both older and more modern designer jewellery, fashion and handbags from recognized jewellers and brands such as Cartier, Ole Lynggaard, Georg Jensen, Hermès, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Bottega Veneta.

  • The jewellery department is represented at Sundkrogsgade 30 in Copenhagen and at Søren Frichs Vej 34D in Aarhus.

  • Online jewellery auctions are held every Wednesday and Traditional Auctions are held at Bredgade four times a year. See the current lots with jewellery and fashion

  • If you have a special interest in jewellery and fashion, we recommend our jewellery newsletter, which is sent out approx. once a month.

  • Read about how we evaluate the clarity and colour of diamonds here


Contact details

Katrin Mikkelsen Sørensen

Head of International Jewellery
+45 8818 1174 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Lise Jacobsen

Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1175 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Majbrit Haastrup Nielsen
Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1178 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Helle Hee Rud
Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1177 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Eva Dybkjær

Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1227 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Kristine Toftgaard Tanderup – Maternity Leave

Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1237 / Aarhus


Rikke Palmø

Valuer, jewellery
+45 8818 1171 / Aarhus

Anders Gudmundsson

Head of Department
+45 8818 1205 / Baltikavej, Copenhagen