Fine art

The department of fine art is responsible for the valuation and sale of fine art, drawings and sculptures.


Period-wise, the fine art extends from antiquity to c. 1920, and covers works from the Renaissance, baroque, rococo, neo-classicism, romantic periods, Danish Golden Age, the Modern Breakthrough, impressionism and symbolism. Read more about the department

Contact the department of fine art and sculptures


Julie Arendse Voss

Head of Department
+45 8818 1123 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Birte Stokholm

Valuer, fine art
+45 8818 1122 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Søren Kjerk Holmstrup

Valuer, fine art
+45 8818 1127 / Havnen, Copenhagen

Kasper Nielsen

Valuation and Sales Director
+45 8818 1121 / Havnen, Copenhagen