Wine legend

In order to describe wines in the best way possible Bruun Rasmussen applies classification principles which, for the sake of clarity, are displayed via abbreviations.

The table below lists the meaning of the individual abbreviations.

bt. Bottle
Ch Château bottled
I Domaine bottled
Dbt Bottled in DK
Owc Original wooden case
Oc Original carton
1/2 Half bottle (37,5 cl)
0,5 l Half litre (50 cl)
Mg Magnum (150 cl)
Dmg Double magnum (300 cl)
Jero Jeroboam (up to 1978 jeroboams were generally bottled in 4,5 litre bottles rather than 5 litre bottles). Bottles from Champagne and Burgundy only 3 litres.
Imp Imperial (600 cl)
Met Methusalem (600 cl)
Sal Salmanazar (900 cl)
Bal Balthazar (1200 cl)
Neb Nebuchadnezzar (1500 cl)
Mel Melchior (1800 cl)

Unless otherwise stated, bottles are of a normal size (75 cl). No guarantee is given for the wine's quality or condition.

Having reached a certain age, it is natural for some of the wine to have evaporated from the neck of the bottle.